Friendship, concern and information at life’s end


Befriend at the End provides care, compassion and companionship to people at the end of their lives, particularly those in distress, or those with a terminal illness or incurable condition causing hopeless and unbearable suffering with no reasonable prospect of relief.

Befriend at the End evolved from Friends at the End which continues to campaign to change the law on assisted dying in Scotland. Although now separate organisations we entirely support its campaigning objectives and continue to work closely alongside it. Meanwhile, the focus of our befrienders is to provide tangible support and advocacy to those who wish it. Support might come in the form of information on available services, advice on end of life choices or simply offering a listening ear.

Friends at the End members may wish to offer more hands on support. We are always happy to talk to any member who feels that they would like to provide comfort and support to people facing the end of their lives, who can bring confidence and compassion to such a vital, life-affirming role. If that is you, get in touch.